Covenant Venture Capital is a premier wealth management firm, trusted by leading institutional investors including pension funds, endowments, and notably the State of New Jersey. We are celebrated for our top-tier advisory services, expertly guiding clients through the intricate world of core assets, venture capital, and advanced technologies. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our esteemed partners. Join us at Covenant Venture Capital, where we turn visionary investments into tangible successes.

Equity Fund
Covenant Venture Capital specializes in identifying and investing in high-potential, growth-stage companies. With a strategic emphasis on sectors demonstrating significant upside potential and managed risk, Covenant is committed to maximizing investor returns. The firm places its Limited Partners’ objectives at the forefront, crafting funds that not only promise outstanding performance but also incorporating innovative risk mitigation strategies.
Credit Fund
While artificial intelligence remains a key focus, Covenant’s investment approach is broad, encompassing credit investments in addition to equity investments to ensure a well-rounded portfolio.  Covenant's Credit Fund provides access to a hyper-diversified portfolio of short-term loans in growth-stage businesses with strong credit profiles.  Discover how Covenant Venture Capital can be your partner in accessing unique investment opportunities and driving consistent financial success.
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